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Stump Removal

Tree Stump Removal Services

Stump Removal

Does your property have a few ugly stumps that need to go? Whether they were left there by a former owner or you never finished clearing your yard, you’re stuck with stumps that take up precious yard space and may even be dangerous.

Your landscaping is of utmost importance to J & D Landscaping And Tree Expert LLC. We’ve been caring for residential and business landscapes with a love for landscaping and exceptional customer service for the last 15 years. For stump removal in Baltimore, Germantown, or Damascus, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help.

Take Back Valuable Space

While some stumps may be elevated to eye level, others may be chopped down to blend in with the surrounding soil and grass. When this happens, the stumps become tripping hazards and cause damage to lawn mowers and other lawn maintenance equipment.

For one thing, tree stumps are unsightly, and for another, they take up space in your yard. They can cause weed and fungal development, which complicates lawn maintenance. Some stumps are simpler to remove than others, thus several approaches may be used. Our experienced tree specialists will know just how to get rid of that stump as fast as possible.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinders are machines that roll up to a stump and grind it up. Stump grinders have a rotating blade that tears through the wood as it spins. Next, the tree specialist glides the blade over the stump, reducing the wood to chips and lowering it deep below ground level. Many wood chips are generated during stump grinding, and we can use them to mulch your lawn.

Get Rid Of That Unsightly Tree Stump

Are you renovating your landscape? We’ll get rid of that old stump you’ve been seeing for years. J & D Landscaping And Tree Expert LLC has over a decade of expertise in all aspects of landscaping. Now is the time to get a quote and contact us.